AACAP+CACAP Joint Annual Meeting
Program Schedule
Please note that this schedule is subject to change. The Program Book distributed at the Annual Meeting will have final information on dates, times, and speakers for each presentation.

Member Forum 1 (open, members only)
JAACAP: A Members' Forum

Can you believe it? The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) is turning 50! As it turns 50, it is ranked first worldwide in child and adolescent mental health. This Forum provides an opportunity for AACAP members to exchange information and ideas about ways JAACAP can meet the diverse needs of all its readers, address member concerns, and continue its superior ranking. Information is presented on publication trends, decision making, improvements in communication technology, efforts to improve the clinical relevance and applicability, new features (such as “Translations”), and publication of cutting edge science. Panelists respond to inquiries solicited from and posed by AACAP members, JAACAP subscribers, and Annual Meeting attendees. Come be part of the discussion and the future of JAACAP!
Thursday, October 20, 2011: 12:15 PM-1:45 PM