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Hispanic/Latino Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Caucus

The Hispanic/Latino caucus is an informal group designed to identify and begin to address some of the unique needs of Hispanic/Latino child and adolescent psychiatrists, their patients, and their families. During our first meeting in New York City, we covered a number of areas affecting Latino youth, including the rising tone of xenophobia and discrimination, increasing mental health disparities, increasing numbers of Latinos in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, and continued barriers to access to mental health services. Most recently, deportation of Hispanic parents leaving their children behind in the U.S. has been an issue of great concern. We also discussed issues of concerns for young Latino child psychiatrists, such as career development, access to mentorship, and pathways for greater involvement in AACAP. We developed a list of key needs and concerns and we will update members on follow-up efforts in all these areas, and discuss collaboration with the AACAP Black Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Caucus and the AACAP Council in developing educational, advocacy, and career development efforts. While the focus of the caucus group is on issues related to the Hispanic/Latino community, we appreciate that there are many child and adolescent psychiatrists who have an interest in and a passion for Hispanic/Latino issues. Any AACAP member is invited to attend this caucus.
Thursday, October 20, 2011: 5:15 PM-6:45 PM

Sponsored by the AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee

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