Member Forum 1 (open to all AACAP members)
The Dramatic Rise in Neuroleptic Use in Children: Why Do We Do It, What Does It Buy Us, and What Does It Cost Us?

Hardly a day goes by when something doesn’t appear in the press about overmedicating children or metabolic side effects of neuroleptics. Child and adolescent psychiatrists have ended up in this difficult position for a variety of reasons. Lead by AACAP’s Program Chair, Gabrielle A. Carlson, M.D., these complex issues are addressed by a variety of people in this Member Forum. Regina Bussing, M.D., M.S.H.S., talks about the kinds of disorders and diagnoses found in “public sector” children who are the ones that are usually the focus of the concern. Peter Jensen, M.D., reviews the evidence-based treatments for affective aggression; medication and nonmedication. Gahan J. Pandina, Ph.D., talks about whether there are any medications in the pipeline for treating affective aggression and if not, why.

From the policy side, Christopher Bellonci, M.D., discusses federal legislation, state responses, models of oversight and where authority is housed for consent within child welfare, and the new National Collaborative for Innovation in Quality Measurement (NCINQ).

Jack McClellan, M.D., covers Washington state data and efforts regarding medication oversight for Medicaid prescriptions, addresses why this is needed, and why AACAP should lead the charge. Michael W. Naylor, M.D., discusses the Illinois model, responses from prescribers, and outcome data.

Presentations will be brief to provide maximum discussion between panelists and the audience.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
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